At last!

A rare treat! Time to design. And time to make meaningless lists!

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wholesome, right?


Hello January

Hello December

mas queso, por favor

Cheese Love

If you have the means to go, I highly suggest taking Linda Conroy’s cheesemaking class. She teaches through the Driftless Folk School in Viroqua, WI, but also in Madison and around the country. The basic class covers cultured milks and butter, kefir, feta, mozzarella and more. I came home with a Piima starter that I dutifully prepared upon arriving home. I never thought I would be wishing for more milk to play with.

apple and pumpkin

Hello November

Maintaining a clean home leaves little time for blogging. October was for sniffles, malaise and clean laundry. November ushers in my hankering to watch “Pushing Daisies” episodes and dress up like Chuck. And hopefully it ushers in more design time.

The “Pushing Daisies” inspired honeycomb background comes from Pugly Pixel.

Enjoy the silence….not

I’m not bragging, but my children turn heads at Liturgy. Correction: my children’s noise level turns heads at liturgy. My daughter’s cry is not a force to be reckoned with. It’s a quite a sight to see a grown man’s blood curdle upon hearing this little banshee cry. I’m not embellishing. I wish I was. Each week my husband and I feel like stressed silencers rather than participants in the Divine Liturgy. The kids, in turn, internalize this stress and are louder. Needless to say our Sundays have inspired this sketch.

Kissing Whiskey | Goodbye September, Hello October!

A monthly review & an inspired-by sketch in one post. Been a busy few weeks.

It’s no secret how much time I spend on Pinterest. But when I find beautiful boards like Kissing Whiskey’s, the inspiration is justified. I happened on a story written by Leesa Cross-Smith (Ms. Kissing Whiskey herself) called “Whiskey & Ribbons” found here. It was one of those beautiful and lonesome  reads that still won’t leave me.

We’re heading on down to where the stars at night are big and bright. I know I’m not done being inspired by Leesa’s style and can’t wait to design more.

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Goodbye August

What happened to August? Did I really spend the month away watching “Mad Men” and being on Pinterest?!?!?!?!?!  Here’s my one link. Sheesh!

Songs Loved:

“La Bruja” Dan Zanes and Lila Downs