scars and gripes forever

Had I some pictures of the delight that was the Fourth of July 2011, I would gladly share them. Two small children running in different directions does not offer me the luxury of, well, a lot of things.

We spent the afternoon picnicking with family in Columbus, WI. In between and after picnic, time was spent growling at the kiddos, albeit in a sparky manner. The proverbial cloud parted and my spirits were lifted on my way to  the Coffee Pirate van. I roared when I saw a shirt with a clarinet on the front saying “It’s all fun and games until somebody breaks a reed.” I guess you have to be a clarinet player to get it. That shirt did it, so did an iced coffee.

We stayed for fireworks. The best show, in my opinion, was put on by the fireflies. J couldn’t handle the noise. He had his head under a blanket until we decided to head home mid-show.



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