Project: Exploring Box

Toddlers have a knack for playing with everything they’re not supposed to. It’s part of the reason why we compiled a small box filled with unorthodox playthings. It’s a “no-rules” materials exploration box that comes out during baby sister’s naptime.


1. Ribbon
2. Clothespins
3. A melon-ball-like scoop
4. A vintage garlic press
5. Baby food jar lid
6. Beeswax fish
7. Cork flooring sample
8. Loose-leaf tea strainer
Not pictured: Fish mold
Box Extras:
Large vintage buttons and cup
Update: September 9, 2014
Choose items that your kid can “mouth” on. Poor beeswax fish didn’t make it.
Polaroid Frames by Fuzzimo
Tape Strips by Pugly Pixel



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