mas queso, por favor

Cheese Love

If you have the means to go, I highly suggest taking Linda Conroy’s cheesemaking class. She teaches through the Driftless Folk School in Viroqua, WI, but also in Madison and around the country. The basic class covers cultured milks and butter, kefir, feta, mozzarella and more. I came home with a Piima starter that I dutifully prepared upon arriving home. I never thought I would be wishing for more milk to play with.


2 responses to “mas queso, por favor

  1. I want to go!!
    When I worked at the coffee shop in Eau Claire I would take home the one day expired organic, non-pasteurized milk that we were required to otherwise throw out and make delicious mozzarella.
    I want to learn how to make other kinds though…..

    I was bummed that I missed you guys this weekend. Didn’t want to spread the plague to your house!

    • We were bummed that we missed you too! I hope you’re feeling better.

      If my piima survives, I’ll share the culture with you 🙂

      I’m very eager to get my hands on some non-pasteurized milk here!!

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