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Enjoy the silence….not

I’m not bragging, but my children turn heads at Liturgy. Correction: my children’s noise level turns heads at liturgy. My daughter’s cry is not a force to be reckoned with. It’s a quite a sight to see a grown man’s blood curdle upon hearing this little banshee cry. I’m not embellishing. I wish I was. Each week my husband and I feel like stressed silencers rather than participants in the Divine Liturgy. The kids, in turn, internalize this stress and are louder. Needless to say our Sundays have inspired this sketch.


Kissing Whiskey | Goodbye September, Hello October!

A monthly review & an inspired-by sketch in one post. Been a busy few weeks.

It’s no secret how much time I spend on Pinterest. But when I find beautiful boards like Kissing Whiskey’s, the inspiration is justified. I happened on a story written by Leesa Cross-Smith (Ms. Kissing Whiskey herself) called “Whiskey & Ribbons” found here. It was one of those beautiful and lonesome  reads that still won’t leave me.

We’re heading on down to where the stars at night are big and bright. I know I’m not done being inspired by Leesa’s style and can’t wait to design more.

You can also find Leesa at

The answer to number one is “yes.”


How thankful are you?

Original Martha



Getting excited for my new patron’s feast day on July 29.

As always, image designed by me. Shares are welcome as long as the work is credited. Send me a link so I can see too.



My "Southern Lovelies" board

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Surely I’ve…

Plaid prints made using  Tartan Maker and ColourLover’s pattern maker.

Inspired by the Hatch Show Print Workshop

Like my other Photoshop “sketches,” this Hatch Show Print-inspired sketch documents one of my many cravings. What am I craving exactly? The South.