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Enjoy the silence….not

I’m not bragging, but my children turn heads at Liturgy. Correction: my children’s noise level turns heads at liturgy. My daughter’s cry is not a force to be reckoned with. It’s a quite a sight to see a grown man’s blood curdle upon hearing this little banshee cry. I’m not embellishing. I wish I was. Each week my husband and I feel like stressed silencers rather than participants in the Divine Liturgy. The kids, in turn, internalize this stress and are louder. Needless to say our Sundays have inspired this sketch.


Wordy Wednesday


New fonts Nelma and Muncie from the Lost Type Co-Op.

Farewell July, Hello August

typography design monthly review

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  • Django Reinhardt
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Original Martha



Getting excited for my new patron’s feast day on July 29.

As always, image designed by me. Shares are welcome as long as the work is credited. Send me a link so I can see too.


Inspired by the Hatch Show Print Workshop

Like my other Photoshop “sketches,” this Hatch Show Print-inspired sketch documents one of my many cravings. What am I craving exactly? The South.


letterpress my buttons

When I was in college (yes, this is true) I dreamed of being a stay-at-home-mom designing when the babies were asleep. Now that I know that the little ones don’t sleep when you want them to, I’ve had to readjust the dream a bit. I don’t get a lot of design time. And it’s better to give the little ones the face time instead of the computer monitor– makes for gentler days. I did get away with the letterpress tutorial from Pugley Pixel yesterday during nap time.

Letterpress, how do I love you. Let me count the ways...


I think it might be worth it to pay for her premium goodies. $5 for 30 day access is a sweet deal.